Home Again!

How do we do it differently?

We’re in the midst of a magnificent, amazing metaphysical, spiritual, and physical shift in reality!¬†We’ve cycled a number of times throughout this creation of duality, peaking in remembrance and then crashing through the lessons of the ego and separation, to start again.

This time… we’re going to do it differently.

It’s time to remember how to have an individual journey and ALSO be connected in our Oneness; not just “talk the talk”… but this time, “walk the walk”!

This site is focused on the practical¬†integration of body, mind, and spirit into our lives as part of the spiritual/metaphysical shift in our world today… how to act differently, with different motivation, and how to BE differently. It’s also focused on how to play, play, PLAY as an integral part of the spiritual journey. Come along and join the party!